This is typically the place where you'd read a bio in the third person, so here't goes:

Whitney was born in a small town of redwoods and farm animals known as Santa Rosa, California. She spent most of her days drawing her friends, goats, chickens, cats, dogs, geese, ducks, sheep, etc...(not joking) and worshipping the works of Erté, Gustav Klimt, Al Hirschfeld, John Kricfalusi, Naoko Takeuchi, Da Vinci and Glen Keane, to name a few. Of course as a kid, all she knew were the posters on the walls and the cartoons on TV, but the imagery stuck with her and mashed her into the artist she is today. 

A little later on, she studied at Oxbow School of the Arts in Napa, CA where she realized that art can actually be a career! Four years later, she received her BFA in Digital Media and Visual Development at Otis College of Art + Design. During that time, she paid her way through college as a background actor for various forgettable shows, a videographer for dogs at the Le Paws dog casting agency in LA, Miss Congeniality in the Miss America Pageant (no scholarship but was nice none the less) and eventually a character artist at Disney where she could sigh with relief knowing that she was finally living the dream! 

Since then, she moved on to work with some of the biggest names in the film, television and toy industry such as Pixar, Marvel, Hasbro, Mattel, Nickelodeon and Jakks Pacific. She's also been sharing her work with fellow artnerds at various conventions and galleries such as Disney's Wonderground Gallery, Comic-Con San Diego, LBCC, Wondercon and Comic-Con NY! 

Currently, she's living in Brooklyn working with Nickelodeon as Director of Girl's Toys and New Content. The food's good, the people are great and the weather is garbage but she's loving the adventure! If anyone has any good deli recommendations, she would be interested in hearing about them.

And that's pretty much it!

I'm currently unavailable for freelance projects but feel free to email me with any professional inquiries and I'd be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

For more samples of my work with process shots and descriptions, check out my Behance site. Just click on the little Be icon to the right!

And for a resume, click here.


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